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We implement comprehensive solutions, with integrated systems and cutting-edge technology, so that your venture operates optimally.

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Building Automation (Building Management Systems - BMS)
Building Automation adds intelligence to the project. By implementing systems and devices that monitor and control lighting, climate control, energy consumption, access, and more, it is possible to optimize resource management, reduce operating costs, and ensure greater efficiency, security, and comfort for its users.
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Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)
CCTV systems allow for a significant increase in the security of the property, through constant surveillance of predetermined areas within the building for the detection and recording of incidents. It serves as a complement to the entire existing security apparatus. We implement the most advanced technologies on the market, depending on the application and the customer's needs.
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Access Control and Intrusion Alarm
Providing increased security and efficiency in managing the flow of people within facilities, access control precisely manages who enters and exits the premises. When combined with an intrusion alarm, it not only identifies but also alerts when a user is in a restricted area or moving without authorization.
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Fire and Alarm Detection
Designed to identify the occurrence of fires in their early stages and ensure a quick evacuation response, the Fire and Alarm Detection System (FADS) provides complete safety to facilities and their users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By integrating with smoke extraction systems, fire fighting (sprinklers and hydrants), elevators, and access control systems, we guarantee the perfect solution with a high level of security.
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Voice, Data, and Image Infrastructure
We install all the infrastructure your project needs, through structured cabling, electrical network, optical fiber, and wireless network. We offer technical studies, audits, certification, and preventive and corrective maintenance. Structured cabling ensures flexibility, scalability, standardization, durability, flexibility, and security of the environment.
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System Integration
By integrating systems, Controller BMS offers customized solutions that multiply benefits. Our specialized team enables the integration between fire detection systems, access control, CCTV, air conditioning, smoke exhaustion, pressurization of stairs and elevators, increasing the security of a building.
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Telephone and IP Solutions
Increase the productivity of mobile employees, reduce response time to customers, control your costs, live new experiences, and connect to the new world.
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Sound Systems
Controller BMS implements ambient sound systems with strategically distributed loudspeakers to enhance the efficiency of message and music transmission. It can also be used as a communication channel for the company.
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RAC - Remote Automation Center
The Remote Automation Center manages a development completely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With state-of-the-art technological resources and a qualified team, based on data extracted from this monitoring, it is possible to outline important strategies that optimize the use of resources and ensure the maximum efficiency of the development, aiming for comfort, security, cost reduction, and sustainability.
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RMC - Remote Monitoring Center
RMC - Remote Monitoring Center is the security complement to the local team. With a dedicated team supervising 24/7, it is possible to map risks and create a system that records and stores all activities in the monitored location with total efficiency, providing important data for improvements and decision-making, always aiming for maximum security for the location and its users.
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SOM (Specialized Systems Operation and Maintenance)
Controller BMS offers operation and maintenance services for the systems it installs and integrates. With a dedicated business unit for this demand, we provide both preventive and corrective services. In addition to on-site support, we also offer remote services, aiming for efficiency and cost reduction.
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Retrofit and Expansions
The constant technological innovations in the market drive the adaptation and modernization of obsolete or non-compliant equipment. In these cases, and in the need for expansion and reoccupation of spaces - as in the case of spaces rented by a new company, we work on retrofit projects to ensure the maximum performance of building automation systems.

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